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ID výrobku
Velikost balení (DxŠxV)

Designed for children aged 8 and above, this entry-level set includes a Bresser Junior telescope and a Bresser Junior microscope. It also comes with a wide range of accessories for exploring the microcosmos and night sky.

The Bresser Junior microscope features an LED transmitted light illuminator and a 40x to 640x magnification. These magnifications allows you to observe paramecium or microorganisms from a pond.

What is transmitted light?

Transmitted light means that the light source is behind and shines through the observed sample, rather than illuminating the sample from above. This requires the use of particularly thin specimens.

To avoid time-consuming preparatory work, the set comes with a wide range of accessories so that you can start observing straight away. You can place the pre-prepared specimens directly under the microscope and observe their contents. Alternatively, you can also prepare your own specimens with the supplied tool kit.

The eyepiece features foldable rubber eyecups to enable use by spectacle wearers. The microscope is also highly portable thanks to its battery-operated, lightweight design.

The Bresser Junior telescope is ideal for your first astronomical discoveries and is highly portable thanks to its lightweight design and compact size. It can be easily stored in a small bag or rucksack. The telescope also comes with a table stand so that you can set it up securely in different locations. it can also be converted into a terrestrial telescope for daytime observations. Simply remove the star diagonal and eyepiece. The refracting telescope comes with two eyepieces (12.5mm and 20mm), which allow you to choose between 20x and 32x magnification. These magnifications will give you an impressive view of the moon's craters, constellations and Saturn's rings. The telescope also features a built-in compass, and comes with a star diagonal to give you a comfortable view through the telescope.

Microscope features:

  • LED transmitted light
  • Height-adjustable specimen stage
  • Revolver head with 3 lenses: 40x/10x/40x
  • Aperture wheel for adjusting the light beam
  • Focus wheel
  • Specimen clamps for securing specimens
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to battery-operated design (3x AA batteries, included)
  • Lightweight design, ideal for on-the-go use
  • Zoom eyepiece
  • Wide range of accessories for rapid introduction to the world of microscopy

Telescope features:

  • Refractor telescope
  • Can also be used as terrestrial telescope
  • Ideal for observing the moon and constellations, Saturn’s rings are also visible
  • Star diagonal for comfortable observations
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • With table stand, max. height of 35cm
  • 12.5mm and 20mm eyepieces
  • Supplied eyepieces enable 20x and 32x magnification
  • Lens diameter: 40mm; Focal length: 400mm
  • Focus wheel
  • Integrated compass

The microscope kit includes:

  • Microscope
  • Smartphone holder
  • Cover glass box with 3 permanent specimens; 8 empty cover glasses and space for 3 additional cover glasses
  • Permanent specimens: Onion skin, waterthyme, stoma (pore in the epidermis of plants)
  • 5 collecting containers, including 3 empty containers, 1x container with yeast and 1x container with saltwater shrimp eggs
  • Hatchery
  • Tweezers
  • Magnifier
  • Pipette
  • MicroCut
  • Zoom eyepiece
  • Measuring cup
  • Box with slides
  • Replacement light
  • 3x AA batteries

The telescope kit includes:

  • Telescope
  • Instruction manual
  • Star diagonal
  • Table stand
  • Eyepieces: 12.5 x 20mm
  • Smartphone holder
ID výrobku
Velikost balení (DxŠxV)
Přepravní hmotnost
Zvětšení, x
40 — 640
Pracovní stolek, mm
s klipy
S osvětlením
Další vlastnosti
Držák chytrého telefonu
Typ uživatele
Možnosti použití
Experimentální souprava je součástí balíčku
Optická konstrukce
Průměr objektivu (apertura), mm
Ohnisková vzdálenost, mm
12.5mm (20x), 20mm (32x)
Výška stativu (nastavitelná), mm
Další vlastnosti
Držák chytrého telefonu
3 baterie AA (součást balíčku)
Typ uživatele
pro děti
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